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There is a high likelihood that you are going to ask a trusted friend, a family member or sibling for a recommendation before going out to buy a good or service. The need for such recommendations has been with humans as far as we can remember and it is presently in our cultures. The sprouting of recommendation magazines like the Consumer Reports which has kept consumers up to date with what is happening in the market place is evidence that the background check culture is never going to die.

Even in a progressive, instant Internet culture powered by e-commerce stores, a majority of consumers according to a recent survey revealed that the background checks they made online inform their choice decisions. It is however important to note that while the customer reviews have been widely accepted and adopted by many e-commerce companies, some haven’t.

For example, nearly all essay writing companies which fall in this group don’t give their consumers access to the consumer reports for various reasons.

Students as consumers on essay writing companies

Students’ spending money one essay writing companies is motivated by among other things, the need for someone to write their essays for them, discretely. However, this only goes smoothly if they have found competent people that deliver. If the students had a platform they’d use to narrow down their choices to ideal service providers, their satisfaction as consumers would be higher.

Why we review essay writing companies

Although there are many essay writing companies on the Internet, finding a company that not only has the resources to get work done the right way or the one with good talents is challenging. But with the reviews we share on this website, the students who are looking for an essay writing service will be able to differentiate between good essay writing companies, choose between recommendations and essentially make informed decisions that reduce their risks, otherwise.

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How we do it

Firstly, we ask a group of consumers who have used essay writing companies to come to this website to share their experiences. Most of them are college students who feel the conviction to educate fellow students. We use their ratings to tally a list of top service providers- based on different reviews. The list we provide changes depending on the kinds of reviews essay writing companies are getting from current customers.

We also send out experts to investigate essay writing companies. We publish the summary to make it easier for one to make his or her decisions concerning themselves.